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Campiglia Marittima Farmhouse

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Phone 0565846444

Cell. 335 6441929


Agriturismi: Allumiere, Campiglia Marittima

Farmhouse in Campiglia Marittima

The archaeological ruins in the region show that there were some pre-medieval settlements here. The first document where Campiglia has been mentioned is the deed of gift of the count Gherardo II della Gherardesca in 1004, which donated half of Campiglia castle with its landed properties and the church, and parts of the nearby Biserno,  Acquavi...


Farmhouse in Massa Marittima

Massa Marittima is situated in the region of the  "metalliferous hills", famous for its innumerable minerals from the ancient times. The beautiful central place, Piazza Garibaldi with the Cathedral, the Priors' Palace and the town hall, is worth seeing in the village.
 The wonderful Cathedral was built in Romanic-Gothic style of Pi...


Farmhouse in Piombino

Piombino is situated on the homonymous promontory. It is a mining town of Etruscan origin, which has always had a deep relationship with the sea, as you can see visiting the centre. From the old village, it is possible to admire one of the most enchanting seascapes of the Tyrrhenian region with the blue water of the Tuscan archipelago. The very old...


Farmhouse in Populonia

Populonia is situated on a hill, surrounded by the sea. The town still has its medieval walls, built in order to protect the population from the barbaric pirate attacks, and the fortress, erected in the half of the 15th century for Jacopo II Appiani’s will. Inside the walls, there is a picturesque little village of the 14th century with its ...


Farmhouse in San Vincenzo

offers together with its natural beauties the comforts of a pleasant and friendly place. It is the ideal destination of international tourism, where it is possible to spend relaxing and quiet holidays It was already populated in ancient time, and later settled by Etruscans and Romans. San Vincenzo is world-famous for the excellent wines of the regi...


Farmhouse in Suvereto

Suvereto, one of the oldest places of Val di Cornia, is situated on a hill near the sea. The political history of Suvereto is strictly tied to the strong personality of its population, who has always shown a deep originality, boldness and love for their town. This is the reason why Suvereto became the first free city-state of the northern Maremma ...


Farmhouse in Venturina Terme

The modern projection of the old Campiglia is certainly Venturina. This small and noble town, situated on the main road Aurelia, is densely populated and, thanks to its annual shows, full of frenzied activities of the tertiary sector. Its oldest part is Caldana with its Romanesque mausoleum and “Via dei Mulini” (the way of the mills), w...


Via di Citerna 27 Campiglia Marittima (LI) 57021
Tel. 0565846444
Cell. 335 6441929
P.Iva 03467710483

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